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Collaboration based on an open network model for the business market

Ravonet stands for innovation and unburdening customers with a transparent solution. In addition, customers increasingly opt for a business internet, telecom and IT specialist because of their personal and independent approach. That is why Ravonet has been working intensively for years with Premium Partners all over the world to offer business customers the best solution in combination with the best service.

Our mission

With our communication solutions, we want to give the franchise chain, freelancers, and SMEs the freedom to do business. Ravonet is a solution, which is why our Ravonet Premium Partners place their customers directly with Ravonet. Ravonet has developed a very innovative platform for this, where our Premium Partners can offer the desired service or service to the customer with a Ravonet application completely online.

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Our vision

The internet, cloud and telecom world seems to revolve more and more around the large orders with standard subscriptions. Customers are increasingly realizing that a good service is important for the business to function properly. For many customers it is normal to receive invoices from multiple parties, while they have no idea what is being paid for.

It also seems that customers increasingly have to close at the back and spend more time and energy on menu options and music on hold than in their company. Because of this, in our opinion, the quality of the service, the real service, is largely lost.

We believe it can be done differently. With over 20 years of experience, we no longer serve customers only in the Netherlands and Europe, but worldwide many small companies to international chains where Ravonet is the transparent rock in the branding.

Ravonet understands that customers should be treated well. Not because they are big, but because they are customers and their business is very important to society. That is the heart of Ravonet as an innovative adventurer. A heart that beats for personal attention, professionalism, innovation and complete unburdening.

Collaboration with you as a Premium Partner

Customers can order directly from Ravonet or through the Ravonet Premium Partners. We do not compete with our partners. Our goal is a satisfied customer who is helped with a high-quality service or service based on stability, fast communication and innovation. That is why more than 350 Premium Partners have already opted for Ravonet. Thanks to the personal approach, support in serving business customers and customization, you can really distinguish yourself.

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Start working together as a Ravonet partner today. Please feel free to contact us. We would like to get to know you better and look forward to working together!

Our approach

We believe that the solutions we provide are only a means, and people are the goal. We do not ask the customer to adapt or to investigate where a desired service can be provided. No, we move along with the wishes of the market and the customer. Due to Ravonet's innovative view, you have probably already included the wish in the package. Ravonet even has a complete total package for certain sectors that can be scaled up and down per month. The standard branches where Ravonet has more than 20 years of experience include catering, franchise chains, hairdressing, hospitality, retail and retail.

Ravonet is not a company like others, Ravonet is a solution!

We give you everything you need to offer the best solutions, and more, giving entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on entrepreneurship.

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