Whoever you are, we have the right solution for you.

We think along with you and no customer is the same for us. Creating continuity and the perfect experience is of great importance.

[ Burger King ]

Burger King has been one of the most successful Quick-Service restaurant businesses in the world for over 60 years.

"We as Ravonet are therefore proud to be able to innovate with Burger King every day with our Ravonet services!"

[ Health City ]

To promote a good work-life balance, you can get a discount at Ravonet if you are a business customer of our partner Healthcity.

"Collaboration is an absolute must for a decisive organization. Your employees deal with their work-life balance differently and they expect your organization to support all devices effortlessly (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)."

[ Texaco ]

Texaco is increasingly offering additional services from external partners. The customer stands for an optimal experience and fast service.

"At Texaco, customers no longer just come to refuel. With the services of Ravonet it is now also possible to pick up a Post NL package at a Texaco gas station. Or to also use the Social WiFi hotspot. With Social WiFi, Ravonet provides management information."

[ KFC ]

An optimal Social WiFi guest experience, with smart big data marketing tools

"What happens to the costs of a certain IT solution if your organization shrinks or grows? Ravonet is a total supplier for KFC and ensures efficiency, safety and innovation within the KFC branches."

[ Denham ]

With Ravonet Managed WiFi, every customer in a store can quickly access the internet without leaving their traces on the internet

"Online and offline are increasingly being brought together. More and more retailers find it important to offer free open WiFi in addition to good telephone accessibility. Guests WiFi without marketing options, but safe and fast."

[ Le Garage ]

The first supplier for all ICT and cloud services for years

"Quality and atmosphere are the key points of Restaurant Le Garage. The restaurant was once a Garage and was transformed into Le Garage by Joop Braakhekke. As Ravonet, we are proud that we can also provide our quality services as First Supplier."

[ Eazie ]

Knowledge of catering franchise chains and their needs is in our DNA

"We are specialized in supplying full suite packages to catering and hospitality franchise chains. A tailor-made solution is part of this as standard."

Our ICT and Cloud solutions for catering franchise chains