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The supplier for the hospitality franchise and retail, short stay / bed & breakfast for years

Ravonet has a heart for the catering franchise. With years of experience in this industry, we know exactly what you need and we help you. We look over your shoulder as standard to keep an eye on things and are happy to get to know you, your franchisee and his team. We work together as if it were our own company!

What we do

We start from the principle, shoemaker stick to your last. We notice that an internet provider is mainly (and maybe even only) good at offering internet. Leave the rest to Ravonet who, in addition to knowledge of the internet, also has knowledge of WiFi and networks. What's more, choose Ravonet as a partner, we know the hospitality sector and have experience in the uniqueness of this sector.


Going the extra mile

Excellent after-sales service and the latest technologies for the franchise hospitality sector. We always start from the needs and wishes of the customer, in order to arrive at a suitable solution together.


Perfect Smart WiFi

Other WiFi networks may interfere with your network. We measure and monitor your environment on a daily basis and in this way ensure that your WiFi experience is always perfect.


Smart Tag = happy customers

Your customers scan a QR code or NFC so that they can order themselves, but also pay. This results in faster delivery of drinks and dishes.

Some showcases


What happens to the costs of a certain IT solution if your organization shrinks or grows? Ravonet is a total supplier for KFC and ensures efficiency, safety and innovation within the KFC branches. With smart solutions such as Smart WiFi and the internet and calling addon from Ravonet, customers of KFC are served to their liking.

Burger King

The great success of Burger King is based on a convincing concept: Burger King serves high-quality products, prepared from the best ingredients in a clean and attractive environment. Affordable, fast and uncomplicated. With the Ravonet Going Smarter Membership, every customer in a restaurant can quickly access the internet without difficult passwords, while customer information is collected.


Visitors appreciate the restaurant chain for the tasty and healthy food, the ease of ordering and the sharp focus of the family business on a healthy and good lifestyle. Ravonet provides a total solution for Eazie where central accessibility, smart and secure WiFi and a stable internet connection are some key points.

Ravonet Membership

Membership, be smart. Stay smart. Challenge us.

Everything starts with our members, choose your membership that best suits your company, we'll take care of the rest. We know your market and are happy to help you to innovate your company.

Discover our membership

Always one and the same contact person

We understand how important communication is for franchisors and takers, which is why you always have a permanent contact person with your Ravonet membership. Not just for a while, not just when you become a customer, but just always.

The right choice

With so many providers and subscriptions, the telecom market can be very unclear. Ravonet understands that you don't want to spend hours looking for the best party and that you need reliable advice and good solutions with your membership. That's why we like to get to know you and your wishes and needs.

Become a member, starting at €20 p/m. Click here to read more.