Our services

At Ravonet everything starts with a Membership.

Choose the Ravonet Membership that suits you, depending on where you are, your Membership can be expanded with internet and telephony. You can purchase hosting and domain name in every Membership. And all this mainly aimed at the catering, hospitality and retail sector. This way you and your company benefit from one contract, one invoice and one point of contact for a fixed amount per month.

You can read more about our memberships here.


Smart Tag

Included in the memberships Friends, Smart Tag, Work Smarter and The Works.

Make our Smart Tags work for you

Designed to run your business with a simple AI tag to simplify and speed up operations, driving efficiency and profitability. The world's most complete smart Allin software for hospitality, short stay locations, hotels, shops and more including smart WiFi.


Cloud network

Included in the membership The Works.

Cloud network of Ravonet = now!

Your network optimally managed, centrally, at Ravonet. Every port of the network is analyzed and optimally used, exactly according to your wishes. Connected third-party devices are easy to manage. Fast and stable wired or wireless internet (WiFi) without worrying about maintenance and complicated settings. These are our managed network, security, camera and WiFi solutions.


Social & Smart WiFi

Included in the memberships Work Smarter, The Works.

Recognition and smart marketing

Smart Allin software for hospitality, short stay locations, hotels, shops and more including smart WiFi. Thanks to the Social WiFi license, our WiFi solution from the cloud, you really get something in return for the WiFi that you offer as an entrepreneur. Marketing has never been more important. You do not have to invest in expensive marketing campaigns and you reach your target group directly.


Ravonet internet

Service possible as an addon.

Lowest down time in the Netherlands

Ravonet is and remains wild about the internet. We always go for the highest quality. That is why we actively monitor your internet connection. Ravonet's internet therefore has the lowest failure rate of all providers in Europe.

Service only available in The Netherlands.

Ravonet telephony

Service possible as an addon.

Optimal accessibility without worries

Arrange your accessibility in your own way. internet, accessible everywhere via an online telephone exchange in the Cloud. You do not have to invest in an expensive telephone exchange, you only pay monthly for the usage per employee, possibly including unlimited calls.

Service only available in The Netherlands.

Domain name & Hosting

Service possible as an addon.

We love hosting and websites

A domain name is your unique address on the internet. For example, with a domain you can receive e-mail at your unique email address. You have everything under your own control, from your settings to your data. In addition, you also have access to all the essential hosting features that you need to make your website succeed.

Become a member, starting at €20 p/m. Click here to read more.